Running successful workshops

As we have seen, four of PartiSim’s six stages involve active stakeholder participation through workshops. Since this feature is central to the PartiSim approach, successful facilitation is essential. We recommend paying close attention to the following points:
  1. Ideally, the modelling team – which might also be referred to as the analyst team – should consist of two or three members.
  2. Planning is crucial, which is why the role of workshop facilitator should be handled with care. This role should be assigned to a modeller, a modelling team or a third-party expert.
  3. The facilitator should communicate the matter at hand through dedicated activities and by using the provided tools. All stakeholder views, however disparate, should be considered.
  4. The modelling team and stakeholders should liaise to ensure the accuracy of outcomes to date. Justifying earlier results is vital for model validation and confidence going forward.
  5. Notes should be kept throughout. Ideally, this task should be performed by a member of the modelling team or a third party who can assist the facilitator in organising the workshops and collating useful information.
  6. Each workshop’s tasks should be clearly defined and separated. The facilitator should take into account the tools to be used, the time available, the conditions for progress etc.