An instant success

PartiSim was first used in a practical setting in 2009. Since then its benefits have been underlined both by our own research findings and by a wealth of positive feedback from users who have experienced the advantages of greater modeller-stakeholder collaboration.

The original intention of PartiSim’s first practical application was to test the framework itself, but stakeholders were so impressed that a full study was carried out. The subject of that study was a healthcare provider specialising in treating obesity. Drawing on workshop inputs from various stakeholders, the modellers devised numerous scenarios to investigate how resources might be deployed to improve patient waiting times.

Uniquely, the simulation model built as a result reflected a complex service made up of many microsystems. Unlike traditional models, which tend to be based on a single such system, it was able to take into account the dynamic relationships between different service elements. PartiSim allowed modellers and stakeholders to focus on key aspects of treatment provision, to collect all the relevant data and to integrate every element into one all-encompassing model.

Stakeholders without any simulation training could understand a variety of scenarios and propose alternatives. Moreover, their suggestions could be visualised within minutes. Real-world understranding led to real-world solutions.

Bringing clarity to the complex

PartiSim has since been most frequently used in the sphere of healthcare. It has also proved itself in other organisational settings, including manufacturing. In each case it has been able to bring clarity to the complex by encouraging and facilitating stakeholder participation.

Project feedback has repeatedly highlighted the method’s effectiveness. As one stakeholder remarked: “We knew there was a problem – what you’ve done is put it in black and white. We can see that it’s clear, that it’s there and that we need do something about it.”

The value of workshops has become especially obvious over time. Stakeholders clearly appreciate the way in which this approach encourages collaboration, confidence, communication, creativity and consensus – all within the space of just a few hours.

Full details of instances where the PartiSim approach has been applied can be found in the journal articles and presentations listed on the Publications and references page. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us directly for further information and insights.