Welcome to PartiSim

PartiSim: participative simulation for the real world

PartiSim is a new approach to simulation fit for the operational needs of the 21st century. At its heart is a belief that greater stakeholder involvement is vital to developing simulation models capable of addressing the increasingly complex problems found within organisational settings today.

PartiSim grew out of a recognition that traditional means of modelling fail to translate findings into practical solutions. This is because they have not been designed to involve numerous stakeholders, usually dealing instead with a single client. As a result, ownership and understanding of the model remain exclusively in the hands of the modellers themselves – and complicated problems characterised by distributed power and knowledge go unsolved.

PartiSim aims to avoid such shortcomings through a focus on PARTIcipative SIMulation. By incorporating direct input from a number of stakeholders at almost every stage of the process, it seeks to develop bespoke models that are truly relevant and beneficial to their users. We believe active collaboration between modellers and stakeholders enhances sense of ownership, confidence, implementation and impact.

This website provides an introduction to PartiSim, offering information, case studies and general guidance. It is intended for practitioners and academics interested in developing simulation models that use real-world inputs to deliver real-world solutions.

Framework, objectives and values

The PartiSim approach can be divided into six stages. Crucially, four of these involve facilitated workshops with stakeholders – ensuring that the models that emerge are genuinely relevant. The six stages are as follows:

  1. Initiate the project
  2. Define the system (workshop 1)
  3. Specify the objectives (workshop 2)
  4. Develop the model
  5. Experiment (workshop 3)
  6. Implement (workshop 4)

We believe the above process should be efficient as well as effective, which is why each workshop typically lasts just two hours. Overall, the PartiSim approach is designed to satisfy a number of key objectives and values, which can be summarised as follows:

  • Develop a genuinely collaborative relationship between modellers and stakeholders from the outset
  • Give stakeholders a platform for discussion and knowledge-sharing
  • Enable stakeholders to participate in the simulation process, from structuring through to implementation
  • Devise a comprehensive yet simple approach that is fully supported by toolsets and guidance
  • Draw on a full range of modelling tools – established, adapted and new – to facilitate simulation
  • Combine modelling and project management to best effect